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Ampharos differs from most Electric Pokémon in that has great defenses in exchange for lower speed. Other Electric types are usually "glass cannons" who can hit fast, but are very fragile. So while it's kind of slow, it can take hits like a champ. In my opinion, its greatest strength is its fantastic Special Attack coupled with its diverse movepool. In addition to a plethora of Electric moves, Ampharos learns a number of great moves like Power Gem (Rock), Signal Beam (Bug), and Focus Blast (Fighting). Thunderbolt, Power Gem, and Signal Beam are always part of my Ampharos' movesets. It can also use Light Screen or Reflect to boost its defensive power. Since its Special Attack is its best asset, Modest is a good nature to have, as it boosts Special Attack and lowers the unneeded Attack stat.

Ampharos has the ability "Static," which has a chance of paralyzing an opponent that uses a contacting move. Pretty nice, if you ask me. It can also have the ability "Plus," which can be gained via the Dream World. That ability is... pretty useless. Entirely useless in single battles, even. In a double or triple battle, Plus boosts the user's Special Attack by 50% if the partner Pokémon has the ability "Minus." Only three other Pokémon have Minus: Minun, Manectric, and Klinklang, which aren't great attackers. Admittedly, I don't know much about double or triple battle teams, so maybe you could make it work. But overall I'd just stick with Static.

catch 'em all

Since you should totally raise an Ampharos of your own, here's how to get one!
Gold & Silver - Mareep can be found on Routes 32, 42, and 43, and Flaaffy can be found on Routes 42 and 43.
Emerald - Mareep can be caught in the Safari Zone after defeating the Elite Four.
Diamond, Pearl & Platinum - Using the Poké Radar, you can find Mareep at Valley Windworks and Flaaffy on Route 222.
HeartGold & SoulSilver - Mareep and Flaaffy are found on the same routes as the original games, but a Mareep can hatch from an egg given to the player by Primo in Violet City. You can also catch a Mareep using the Pokéwalker on the Big Forest and Icy Mountain Rd. courses.
White - Mareep can be caught in White City.
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